Manage, track and audit your documents in the cloud.

Workflows and Procedures

Easily create business grade workflows and procedures.

Share and Collaborate

Across the office or around the world, with full version control.

Integrated Business Modules

All modules, one common platform, working together.

Upgrade as Required

Add modules or upgrade when it suits you.

Having a Business Platform for today’s workplace is easy with Workflow Connect

If you’re like most business managers you’d love to have a system that avoids delays and gets things right the first time so as to improve profit and reduce cost!  Leave that to us, that’s what we have been doing for 15 years!  We’ll provide you with the right solution to:


Reduce workplace complexity by identifying and reducing process bloat.


Reduce wastage, costly mistakes and re-work


Improve data capture and information distribution


Increase control over the work being done.


Give you a solution that is designed for a mobile workforce


Meet Compliance and Governance Requirements.


Workflows & Procedures

Create Process Maps, Workflows, Business Processes, SOP’s and Work Instructions and link them to process documents and supporting assets with the award winning Workflow Designer and Process Modeller.

Get started Visualizing your business with the FREE Workflow Designer desktop tool. Not just a drawing package, it lets you input data about every step and link to documents and reference materials such as standards or policies. Use as a stand alone tool or publish online with Workflow Connect.  One of thew World’s fastest growing business application tools, take advanatage now and start getting your business in control.

Share, Collaborate and Control Documents & Information
Workflow Connect is a centralised repository of your critical business assets. One click on a process map gives the latest document, information or data that drives your business.  Search across all assets for that one vital piece of information.Use your mobile phone, iPad, Smart device to, share and collaborate across the world or across the room in the cloud, hosted online or with an in-house system.  The Document Management and Process information repository is a strong enterprise system designed to grow with any business.  With full document control and approval that ensure people get the right information at the right time… always.
Integrate Best Practice Workflow Modules
CRM, Sales, Governance, Risk and Compliance along with other critical business modules are fully integrated with your business processes.  The merging of governance, risk management and compliance with fully integrated business and workflow modules significantly reduces costs and effort in running any business. These modules can run from the cloud, be hosted or installed in-house. With significant experience and input from Industry experts each module is fully integrated into the core Workflow Connect system so you can be confident they are up and running out of the box.  Choose what you need now and build the library of modules as required.
Upgrade to Automation as Required
Get more from Workflow Connect through Automating Business Processes and Workflows.

Going beyond the out-of-the-box Workflow Connect, the system can be further developed using Workflow Automation to execute and control your business processes.In addition customised modules and systems can be developed to meet your specific needs.With Workflow Automation, at the proper time and in the proper sequence the Workflow Engine routes data and content required for performing specific tasks to a user who has been assigned to look after the task based on the workflow diagram. Along the way it may create more data, extract data from internal or external sources, update databases, alert other users something is happening, schedule or reschedule other tasks, or wait for other conditions to be met before going to the next set of tasks.
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