Connecting People, Processes, Information and Data.


Our Unique Difference: A People Centric System.


Process Improvement and Automation Made Simple.


The Right Information at The Right Time, in The Right Place.


All of your Data, Collated and Collected. Big Data, No Dramas.

Our Story

FlowBiz (Pty) Ltd is a privately held company with headquarters in Queensland Australia and a network of National and international partners.

Founded in 2000, FlowBiz (Pty) Ltd has relentlessly pursued a development path towards providing Workflow Management solutions to assist in avoiding delays and getting things right.  Our Workflow Management  solutions seamlessly connect people, business process, information, and best practice, either inside a business or with road warriors or customers using standard browser technologies.

With global sales supported by the FlowBiz support, education and professional services teams, FlowBiz is well placed to take advantage of a global network of contributors.

If you are looking at Workflow Management, have a system or want a system that runs your business more effectively and / or efficiently, FlowBiz can help.

Proven Results, Multiple Industries.

FlowBiz has successfully and demonstrably assisted organizations utilizing its Workflow approach in the Health, Automotive/Trucking industries, Financial services, Membership services, Education, Manufacturing, Distribution and Call Centre industries as well as deploying its innovative workflow mapping and defining approach across more than 60 countries and many sectors of industry.

FlowBiz’s culture across all disciplines demands an unswerving attention to customer satisfaction, driven by a belief that all stakeholders need to have their expectations met without stress or angst. FlowBiz employees are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields with competencies that are constantly challenged, improved on and adapted to changing circumstances.

Accredited Providers

FlowBiz is accredited to the Queensland Government Information Technology Contracting system (Accreditation number Q-3420) for the following:

  • Module 3.  Licensed Software
  • Module 4.  Software development & modification
  • Module 5.  Software Support Services
  • Module 6.  Packaged Software
  • Module 8.  ICT Contracting Services
  • Module 14.  Data Services
Business Benefits

FlowBiz Solutions offer a range of benefits, including but not limited to the following key benefits which address contemporary enterprise pain points.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved service delivery
  • Faster processing time of work
  • Reduction in software purchases
  • Improved privacy and security
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