Extend Workflow Connect with fully integrated Business Modules

Add on modules allow you to seamlessly and painlessly extend your basic Workflow Connect system into a complete business solution.

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Seamless Integration and Upgrade Path

When the time is right to plan additional modules or upgrade to a full workflow automation environment, one thing is for sure… it will be seamless and painless!

Workflow Connect has been designed from the ground up as one complete suite, all modules therefore share common unified features, are fully integrated and can be quickly extended.

You can also if necessary move onto a single hosted environment or “in premises” for management and control.

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Integration and Unified Features = Quick Deployment

Once the basics of a particular module of Workflow Connect are known, other modules will fall into place. For instance the unified features are the same for all modules so once a user can upload a file, run a report, navigate to another page, they will find the same features in the same place for all modules. An invaluable feature designed to reduce or eliminate costly training.

Sharing Data or information is seamless

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages is Workflow Connects ability to share information between modules. For instance, create a procedure using Workflow Designer, then import the procedure, text and all, into the risk analyzer, or even the audit system with no extra work. Why not use the workflow chart to create a fully automated workflow by upgrading to the full workflow Automation suite? Nothing is too hard from sharing information in tables, or the CRM through to re purposing your Workflow Connect Chart into a fully automated workflow.

Modules designed By Industry experts

Workflow Connect is a result of the collective experience and knowledge of dedicated business, quality & software technologists who understand the challenges facing Business Managers. Each module meets or exceeds industry standards and is designed to deliver specific results. From the strong Document Library through to the sophistication of complaint management enjoy the features not often found in line of work business software

Upgrade to Full Workflow Automation and get Business Process Management out of the box

If there is a need to automate tasks or remove uncertainty within the business then Workflow Automationfrom our parent company FlowBiz is the solution you need. The upgrade path ensures that you continue to utilise anything that has already been created within the Workflow Connect Environment. Workflow Automation means, at the proper time and in the proper sequence the Workflow Engine routes data and content required for performing specific tasks to a user who has been assigned to look after the task. Along the way it may create more data, extract data from internal or external sources, update databases, alert other users something is happening, schedule or reschedule other tasks, or wait for other conditions to be met before going to the next set of tasks. A must have solution to reduce overall business cost.

Always Know who is editing a document
With Check in switched on users will always see who has the document checked out.
Offline Availability
When document or file is checked-out a local copy is stored. You can edit this document while offline and when next on line check it back into the system.
Upload, Search & Access Documents Online
Upload an unlimited amount of documents to a central online repository where they are easily searched and accessed by any authorised person.
Track Document Activities
Track who is doing what, when, where and how. Track the number of individuals reading documents, utilizing the unified feature of acknowledgements.
Track Document Revisions
Track all review and revision histories, approval histories, and change requests associated with documents.
Archive Historical Files
Automatically archive old versions of documents and maintain a secure historical record of all document related data for legal and knowledge preservation purposes as well as internal and external audits.
Audit Plan Master List – Pre Configure Audit Questions


A ground breaking system that allows an organization to predetermine audit questions or requirements against multiple standards, internal requirements. The result? Carry out a fully integrated multi standard/requirement audit using one audit question!

Creating an audit plan is then as simple as choosing which questions will form the audit plan.

Compliance Audit System

From one interface, audit and report against multiple codes or regulations handling multiple audit plans created with the Audit Plan Master List system.

Have total control and management of single click multi audit reports available to third party or customer layouts.

Nonconformance Reporting (NCR)
The recording & follow up of any raised Non Conformances for example, as a result of an audit is a vital step in ensuring compliance is maintained. As a standalone module, or integrated into every aspect of Workflow Connect, approved staff, suppliers, and customers can access the system from any browser. With full mapping back to compliance requirements & integrated directly into the Compliance Auditor & Risk System the NCR system links into the Corrective Action System for seamless resolution tracking and management of any problem.
Corrective Action System

The system has been specifically designed to conform to all regulatory requirements such as, AS/NZS 4801, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, AS/NZS ISO 31000, or any other standards based approach. With alerts, milestones, and many other management interactions all corrective actions within the system can be tracked and managed from one interface.

Risk Management
Use the Risk system to manage and control any compliance based Risk requirements or organizational risk in one easy to use package that fully integrates into a tracking corrective action and issue management system as well as all other modules within Workflow Connect.
Quality Monitor - Real TIme Monitoring


Quality Monitor gives production, service delivery areas or other areas such as laboratories a single unified data collection and corrective actioning system.

Use Quality Monitor for monitoring in real-time if limits are being met such as service levels, upper or lower specifications, or any other data that needs monitoring. If limits are exceeded quality monitor instigates the required corrective actions or alerting required personnel, effortlessly and, if possible, without supervision or intervention.

HACCP - Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points
Designed to manage HACCP in line with International Standards for Risk – ISO 3100 and AS/NZ 4360:2004 and the Codex Alimentarius for HACCP and as required by regulatory bodies. A fully featured system that is designed from the ground up to link into the full HACCP monitoring including interfacing with station recording or utilizing the Quality Monitor
Schedule, Record & Track all Calibrations and Equipment
TheCalibration & Equipment Module is as wide ranging as it is flexible. Whether its planned or predictive calibration all the necessary records are available from one easy to master interface. Link into procedures for calibration, add photographs, record tolerances it’s all done from one screen direct to the equipment being calibrated.
CRM - Powerful Contact Management
You may already have a CRM; however the Workflow Connect CRM is specifically designed to store information regarding the various activities that occur in the specialised modules. Naturally if integration back to your CRM is required this can be organised using the Workflow Connect integration interface. With the integrated CRM, you can readily bring control and management to all information that relates to any contact. Whether it’s for sales, product information for a customer, general details or more specific information such as likes and dislikes, the Workflow Connect CRM can handle it all including internal staff information.
Complaint Handling
Easily meet AS ISO 1002 – Guidelines for complaints handling in organisations. Designed to handle and manage customer requests, feedback and complaints across all customer touch-points .Effortlessly track the entire workflow of a concern including internal, customer and third party interactions. Produce meaningful reports and charts to quickly pinpoint problem areas, trends and improvements. Support regulatory guidelines regarding documenting, tracking and resolving customer complaints, simply and easily across all departments and locations.
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