Workflow Connect – Bring Workflows, People & Documents Together… in premises, or in the cloud!

Whether you’re a seasoned Workflow analyst or just getting started, creating workflows, identifying what is needed by team members and then visualizing this has never been so easy using the Free Workflow Designer and publishing your workflow into Workflow Connect and taking advanatage of all the great fetaures.

Create workflows and procedures in the FREE Workflow Designer desktop tool and then optionally publish to Workflow Connect to create a seamless easy to use procedure and workflow system

With Workflow Connect you get immediate and impressive results in hours not days! You get management and understanding of the workflows that make the business unique. As well as understanding workflows and processes, all the supporting activities can be taken care of relieving pressure on all staff. Our aim is to give you the freedom to access important processes, procedures, data and information. We want to make running business easier and more efficient reducing bottlenecks and lag time and to ease the burden of compliance.
  • FREE Workflow Designer.
  • Powerful Document Management & Standards Linking.
  • Workflows, Processes & Procedures that are controlled & managed.
  • Communication of what to do easily achieved.
  • Compliance simply managed such as ISO9000, ISO14001, HACCP, Risk, & Safety.
  • Training, easily communicated.
  • In house knowledge made available across the world or across the room.
  • Best practice available at all times.
  • A way of adding much needed compliance modules such as audit, risk, NCR Corrective Action.
  • Extensible with proven business modules from sales through to paperless production.

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Dynamic Visualization of Business Processes

When publishing a Workflow designer your dynamically mapped business processes show the sequence of work and deployment of tasks with all supporting material available at the right time and in the right sequence.

Gaining real time visibility about what should happen around your organization ensures that all staff can readily understand their role in the business and avoid costly mistakes.

Workflow Connect is designed to achieve measurable impact in hours not days or weeks, across the room or across the world!

Speed Up Your Business


Analysts have long reported lag time or waiting time for employees to find information of up to 20% of their daily time. Now with information available at the right time and in the right sequence your business can reduce or eliminate the frustration of not finding that one document, instruction or policy.

With one press of a button you can instantly create a logical sequential world based around your business processes utilising Workflow designer and the many modules available catering for different business scenarios.

Retrieve documents direct from the document library or through your dynamically published Workflow Connect Chart.

Collaboration across the Business

There is a better, more realistic and solid way of collaborating than using emails. Business is bombarded with confusing email chains that overlap, are forgotten or get repeated.

Emails were never designed to work in a process world, unlike Workflow Connect which is designed from the ground up with a clear perspective… business processes and management.

With many unified features across all modules you will always be able to collaborate with even the most distant of users.

Add Integrated Business Modules As Required

With an ever expanding range of business modules that are seamlessley introduced as needed, the integration of these modules ensures that training and implementation is greatly reduced and upgrades to other modules are quick and simple.

Designed by industry experts these modules go from compliance modules through to customer facing sales and marketing.

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