Unable to Generate a Report

In some instances during installation the path to the report library is not set correctly in the software. For a normal installation on C:\ drive, to correct this issue follow these instructions:

From Workflow Designer:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on the Folders tab
  4. For the Report Templates Folder use the browse button (…) on the right hand side to browse to: C:\Program Files (x86)\FlowBiz\Workflow Designer\Reports, or C:\Program Files\FlowBiz\Workflow Designer\Reports
  5. Press OK
  6. Press OK

The path is now set to the correct path.

To generate a report, from a chart, choose generate report and in the right hand side the reports that are available will be displayed. Choose the appropriate layout and press OK.

I Already Use Visio, How Is Workflow Designer Different?

Applications such as Visio only provide tools for graphically showing work activities of workflow processes. These models are static drawings. The advantage of a Workflow Designer model when used within Workflow Connect is that they become a fully configured, actionable Workflow processes that make it easy to go from concept to reality.

The model accurately reflects the live Workflow process because it is the live Workflow process!

With its unique interface Workflow Designer also allows procedural information to be synchronised with the flowchart. This can be any data or information and is available as an integrated procedure interface with full active role based interrogation.

How to draw a line between shapes

There are two ways:

Option 1. Use the Quick Draw Tool

  1. Either on the shapes toolbar, or from within the Quick Draw Tool, choose the shape you want to appear connected to the currently selected shape.
  2. Then click on an arrow from within the Quick Draw Tool, the arrow should indicate the placement of the new shape in relation to the currently selected shape. (ie. down arrow will place the new shape underneath the currently selected shape).

Option 2. Manual Shape Connection

  1. Select the shape you want to be the origin of the connecting flow line.
  2. Position your mouse cursor/pointer into the center of this shape, the cursor should now change to a vertical arrow from the standard cursor icon. This indicates you are ready to begin a connecting flow line, so hold down the left mouse button to begin the line.
  3. With the left mouse button still held down move the cursor to the center of the destination shape to which you are connecting the flow line and release the left mouse button.
  4. Your connecting flow line should now be drawn

For more information on Flow Lines, check out the help section from within Workflow Designer:

  1. From the opening page choose Getting Started in the Help Point section (Right hand side of the page)
  2. In the search section (click on the search tab) type “line” in the search field
  3. Press List Topics
  4. Double click on Step 8. “Work with Flow Lines”
Is Workflow Connect Specifically Tailored To Particular Industries?
No… We cover all industries in fact over 200 different industries have used either Workflow Designer or Workflow Connect.
Like many of the popular business management toolsets, Workflow Management’s foundation principals come from manufacturing. However, workflow processes happen in every business, in fact the idea of workflow can be applied to almost any process, at work or in general daily life.
Workflow process models or templates are mostly designed by business process experts and thus can suit any type of industry. However, what makes a company unique are its business processes, Workflow Connect is unique in that it fits an organization’s business processes, it does not dictate the businesses processes. This means that with Workflow Connect a business does not have to change its long fought for methods of operation to have a business software solution that promotes efficiency and reduces costs.
How About Quick Start Processes? And Applications?

Excellent question!

Coming Very Soon to the Workflow Connect Website will be a community where users of Workflow Designer and Workflow Connect can share and collaborate on business processes and charts designed for similar industries or businesses.

Also new to the site in late 2015 early 2016 will be an online store where business process starter packs can be purchased that contain template processes for various business types and functions.

Available Now! though is Workflow Connect PLUS! – This is our range of pre-built applications which work on the Workflow Connect Platform. See our Business Modules Area for more information

Can Workflow Connect Be Embedded In Our Organisation’s Corporate Portal?
Yes. As Workflow Connect is a browser based product its easy to provide a link to the Workflow Connect interface. Workflow Connect also supports many popular authentication systems so that more sophisticated “single sign on” integration can also be catered for. These more complex but still very straight forward integration projects usually require a short project of works and a formal quotation. Get in touch with one of our friendly Sales-Analysts to discuss your requirements today, you will be glad you did!
Can we Have a Corporate License?
Yes… We have specifically designed the complete suite so larger organisations can negotiate a full corporate license. This means that we will find out how many users you need and then provide a great price. Generally corporate pricing is for a minimum commitment of 12 months. We can also provide competitive finance through Microsoft Finance to approved businesses.
Will We Have To Change The Way We Do Business In Order To Implement Workflow Connect?

Workflow Connect allows companies to leverage their current people, business relationships, and as its cloud based does not affect IT infrastructure. Workflow Connect includes the tools to simplify and accelerate business transactions between people and systems globally. It is fundamental to the Workflow Connect approach that the solutions “fit into” an organization, rather than the organization fitting into the FlowBiz solutions.

What is the value of Workflow Connect to my business?

Adopting the right business Workflow process management solution will provide a work management platform that simplifies and streamlines the deployment of work activities between people, applications, and systems in a structured and collaborative manner.

Workflow Connect will allow you to create dynamic business Workflow process models (simulating real-life, real-time Workflow processes) that can be dynamically maintained and refined, based on changing business requirements.

Workflow Connects adds value to your organisation by helping you:

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Manage, measure, and improve Workflow processes.
  • Improve quality and reduce errors.
  • Eliminate paper-based operations.
  • Improve visibility into your Workflow processes.
  • Easily comply with legislations and standards.
  • Improve communication among employees, executives, customers, and partners.
  • Extend the value of existing business applications and technologies.
Can Workflow Connect Be Hosted In My Country?
FlowBiz is based in Australia. However, we are a Microsoft Partner and choose to use the award winning, class leading Microsoft Azure hosting platform to host our cloud based deployments.
Microsoft Azure is available to 140 countries, spanning 10 different languages and 24 different currencies. All this means there is a very good chance we can deploy your solution into a data center that is within a country of your choosing.



A FREE anything seems too good to be true... what’s the catch?
Yes… Our philosophy is maximum flexibility.  Start off in the cloud and if the situation warrants moving in-house, contact us and we will work with you to seamlessly move your Workflow Connect in-house.



A FREE anything seems too good to be true... what’s the catch?
There isn’t one! We simply want Workflow Designer to be the tool of choice globally for procedure and workflow design. We know that once you get to use the tool and understand how good it is you will be eager to sign on for Workflow Connect and grow your business. If you never sign up for Workflow Connect then simply enjoy a truly remarkable tool for free, forever!



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